WRITING: connectors of sequence: FIRST, NEXT,THEN, FINALLY.

We use the connectors of sequence to order events . The correct order is :
 first (primero)- next(luego)- then(entonces)- after that (después de esto)- finally (finalmente)
First, I woke up.

Next, I went to school by bus.

Then, I arrived to school.

 After that, I came back home and watched TV.
Finally, I went to sleep.

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Activity 1. Choose the correct answers.

Hello, I'm Bart and I had a great birthday yesterday. 1First / Next, I met my friends at the shopping centre and they bought me a present. 2 Then / Finally, we had pizza at a café. 3 Finally / Next, we went to the cinema and saw a very funny comedy. 4 Then / First suddenly, my parents arrived. They took me to an amazing restaurant for dinner.5 Next / Finally, we went home and I went to bed, tired but happy.
Activity 2. Follow the instructions of the interactive worksheets.